Spiritual Direction is designed to help you listen and respond to God. A God who desires relationship with you, and who longs for you to express the truth of who you are as you share your gifts, experience and personhood with others.”
— Sue Pickering, Spiritual Direction

Have you considered receiving Spiritual Direction?

  • Do you desire help drawing closer to God in everyday life?
  • Do you desire to more fully discover God’s compassion and care for you in the midst of difficulties?
  • Do you desire to become more aware of God’s will for your life?
  • Do you desire to work through any obstacles that may be interfering with your ability to more clearly hear and see what God is doing in your life?
  • Do you desire to have a slower pace of life to be able to dig deeper into contemplative prayer, God’s Word, and spiritual disciplines?
  • Do you desire to become more aware of your purpose in this life?
  • Do you desire to grow in your ability to hear what God is saying to you personally?

If so, then participating in spiritual direction may be the next step for you in your spiritual journey towards God.


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